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Learn how alicorn helped omni tech integrate their whole business from warehouse to retail outlets
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OmniTech is New Zealands #1 largest chain stores specializing in mobile phone repair and accessories. They transformed from flea market to NZ#1 with over 25+ stores within a decade. 


“Alicorn helped deliver a truly scalable and flexible system to our businesses improving visibility over key metrics and reduced tons of redundant admin work from having incompatible legacy systems. Our stores, franchisees, warehouses, and suppliers interact seamlessly with one another”

-Alex Chang (CEO of Omnitech)

Omnitech / Alicorn

Omni Tech is a 30 strong retail operation at a shop front level. Behind the scenes, they have been gearing up to redefine the repair market. With going global a focus from day one, CEO Alex Chang had explored several custom build solutions as-well-as, leading out of box SaaS solutions which at a glance offered everything they needed.

However, the out of box solutions were too rigid and offered little opportunity to integrate. Though attractive initially, the custom-built solution was unable to adapt to their changing environment, and the additional costs at every turn were unsustainable.

We started working with Omni Tech in 2019; we went back to the beginning by spending time with Managers and Admin staff from every department, learning their pain points and understanding each of their "why"'s. Once planned, we included these departments through the development processes in regular sprint reviews to ensure the proposed solution, worked for those using it. 


Over twelve months, the Alicorn SaaS model was customised to be the end to end solution that's driving the back-end operations of a sleeping giant.